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nombre del producto : Equipos de Soldadura Por Termofusión y Electrofusión
artículo : DPS10-15KW
Marca : SKC
Gama de soldadoras : 50-800mm
cantidad de paquetes : 1 set
peso bruto : 30kgs
peso neto : 35KGS
medida : 0.03CBM
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 Maquinas de Electrofusión
Specification :2.2, 3.5,8,12,15,22 KW

Product Remarks:specially  uesd in PE electro fusion welding machine
Product Category: pe pipeline welding series

Production Introduction:
IEFD Series Electrofusion Welding Machine specially  uesd in PE pipeline welding, wide power supply and voltage input, fully suitble for spot electric network wave,
it is the perfect corollary equipment for manufacturers or construction units of pipes and fittings.

Leader Saemin International Corp.,lTD  is a high-tech company which professionally deals with studying, producing and selling the electronic and micro-electronics
control equipments.We are one of National standards for the drafting of a welding machine. 
Electrofusion welding machine, the equipment for controlling the connecting of PE ductwork, has been studied and developed upon our
company's cire technique with our own property right. The performance index which affect welding quality such as stable voltage, exact welding time,
accurate temperature measuring etc., all beyond the national standard ISO12176-2.

Production Index:
 ◇ Advanced SCM control unit, abundant parameter setting, excellent detection & protection
 ◇ Output response time fast(500-800), fine stability when power supply breaks
 ◇ Wide power supply and voltage input, fully suitble for spot electric network wave
 ◇ High brightness LCD display, Chinese/English display, friendly interface for human and machine
 ◇ High precision power, time control, excellent welding quality
 ◇ Protecting function against overcurrent, overvoltage and overload etc.
 ◇ Compact, small and light

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